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About Us

Choosing a professional marketing team can mean the difference between outperforming your competition or being left behind in the dust while your competitors take over your industry market.


Cr3ative Space is an agency based in Miami, formed through the love of designing and building amazing Marketing Campaigns and giving creative and successful business solutions. Our goal is simple; to create excellent Business Solutions that make your business shine and our egos soar. We’re small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes. ‘Bring it’, as they say in those terrible films.


We understand the web and we know how to influence it. Our responsibility is not only to secure media placements for our clients but, rather, to serve as their long-term marketing and business-development partners and strategists. We hold ourselves accountable for their success. When we accept clients, they receive our energy, passion, and above all, results.

The premise is simple. When your ad campaigns, websites, social media activities and corporate collateral all support each other and work towards a common goal, results increase exponentially.
It’s a pleasure for us to share our passion with you. Therefore we are delighted that you found your way to our website. Visit our portfolio page and enjoy our pool of ideas, styles, showcase and artistic outpourings. Great design and projects last forever.

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Creative Process

  • 01 Concept

    Meeting with our clients and discussing their goals is the most important step because this is where we get to know their specific needs, this way we can better prepare a unique campaign and strategy that will give them the results they are looking for.

  • 02 Design

    After discussing and setting specific realistic goals, we study client’s competitors in order to compare and improve their techniques and then create a campaign that best suits our client’s needs.

  • 03 Testing

    Once we have the campaigns designed and ready, we start testing and analyzing to find the most effective approach to deliver the best results.

  • 04 Launch

    After testing and eliminating impractical campaigns, we can proceed to use the best and more suitable one for our client. The one that will deliver the results and reach our goals.

  • 05 Support

    After the campaign is over and we have delivered the results expected, we make sure everything keeps going that way. We offer the best Customer Service in Miami. We can be contacted through phone, email, Skype or any Social Media platform.